Most humans conceive of gender as a culturally knowledgeable reaction to a organic central. yet such inflexible notions are overturned by means of convinced girls in distant areas of Albania who decide on to 'become' males easily for the benefits that accrue to them therefore. They crop their hair, put on men's outfits, roll their very own cigarettes, drink brandy and hold weapons. in brief, their lives are a lot freer and no more regimented than different individuals in their intercourse - yet at a value. those ladies needs to foreswear sexual relationships, marriage and kids. they've been dubbed 'Sworn Virgins'.

What is fascinating is that during this zone of the Balkans, just to gown as a guy and to act as a guy will earn those girls an analogous recognize accorded a guy. this can be no suggest virtue in a space identified for sexual inequality and the place such a lot of males have suffered violent, untimely deaths, thereby heightening the necessity for extra family heads. normally as heads of loved ones, males are respected and the ladies who attend them completely subservient. yet not like 'normal' girls, Sworn Virgins can inherit and deal with estate, and, in truth, will even be raised to imagine the male function by way of mom and dad who've no male heirs.

Based on large interviews, this e-book tells the frank and engrossing tales of those girls, but in addition units their lives in the wider context of a rustic present process radical upheaval and social transformation.

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