By J. S. Weiner

For many years the continues to be of fossils present in Piltdown, England have been believed to come back from a "missing link," a creature with a human skull and an ape's jaw. Dr. Weiner indicates how he came upon the reality approximately those is still, and went directly to divulge one of many world's maximum clinical frauds.

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A. P. Pollard, Mr. E. J. and Mrs. Olivia Lake, Mr. M. A. C. Hinton, F. R. S. , Mrs. S. A. Woodhead and Dr. L. S. F. Woodhead, M. B. E. , Mr. F. H. Edmunds, Mr. F. W. Thomas, the Rev. Canon Sir Percy Maryon-Wilson, Bt. , Mr. R. S. Essex, Mr. F. W. Steer, F. S. A. , Mrs. Sonia Cole, the Rev. S. G. Brade-Birks, F. S. A. , Mr. P. S. Spokes, F. S. A. , Mrs. and the past due Mr. E. Clarke of Lewes, significant G. Wade, of Farnham, Mr. A. J. Smith of Leamington Spa, Dr. H. Hensel of the collage of Heidelberg, Professor L. C. Eiseley of the college of Pennsylvania, Dr. Patrick C. J. Nicholl of Lewes, Mr. Edward Yates, F. S. A. , Dr. E. I. White, Professor H. H. Swinnerton; the Editor of the Sussex exhibit and County Herald', Mr. Charles Gerrard; Messrs. Hampton & Sons Ltd. , St. James's, London. For permission to breed the Piltdown portrait and different fabric of their ownership I exhibit my gratitude to the Geological Society of London. I exhibit my nice gratitude for the secretarial paintings to overlook B. Essex-Lewis and Mrs. D. 40, and for the pictures to PREFACE xvii Mr. E Blackwell of the dep. of Human Anatomy, Oxford, and Mr. C. Horton of the British Museum (Natural History). eventually, for lots of beneficial feedback i'm deeply indebted to my spouse and to my associates John and persistence Bradford. J. S. W. October 1954 notice to moment effect One very important correction basically, on web page 168, looks during this moment influence. additional correspondence with Mr. Hinton makes it transparent that the past due Mr. Kennard, who acknowledged he knew the culprit, didn't disclose the identify, nor did he particularly absolve Dawson. Over the acquisition of chateau hotel, I had past meant that Dawson had opened negotiations on behalf of the Sussex Archaeological Society, yet Mr. Salzman said within the Sunday occasions that Dawson was once now not at any time performing for the Society, notwithstanding the owners seem to have idea so. i've got attempted to make clearer (on web page 174) that the bogus therapy which the skull has obtained makes it very unlikely to treat it as of any actual antiquity and even though shut courting is out of the query, there's no cause to think that it truly is quite a lot of thousand years outdated: the purpose has been handled via Dr. Oakley within the Archaeological information Letter for December 1954, web page a hundred twenty five. 1955 J. S. W. Illustrations 1. The sunrise guy of Sussex—Eoanthropus dawsoni (A composite reconstruction of brain-case and jaw. ) 2. The gravel pit at Barkham Manor, Piltdown, Fletching, Sussex. the bottom layer is the Tunbridge Wells sands and above it are the gravel deposits during which the specimens have been stumbled on. (Reproduced by way of permission of the Geological Society of London^) three. Personalities fascinated with the Piltdown Discovery again Row: Mr. F. O. Barlow, Prof. G. Elliot Smith, Mr. C. Dawson and Dr. Arthur Smith Woodward. entrance Row: Dr. A. S. Underwood, Prof. Arthur Keith, Mr. W. P. Pycraft and Sir Ray Lankester. (From the portrait painted through John Cooke, R. A. , in 1915. Reproduced through permission of the Geological Society of London^) four. the internal element of the Piltdown mandible (lower) is proven for comparability with a mandible from a feminine orang-utan (upper)\ the higher specimen has been damaged and enamel abraded to simulate the Piltdown specimen.

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