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Overlaying 1000 years of background, this quantity tells the tale of the construction of Western civilization in Europe and the Mediterranean. Now to be had in a compact, easier structure, it deals an analogous textual content and lots of of the illustrations which first seemed within the commonly acclaimed Oxford Illustrated background of Medieval Europe. Written by way of specialist students and in accordance with the newest learn, the booklet explores a interval of profound variety and alter, targeting all points of medieval historical past from the empires and kingdoms of Charlemagne and the Byzantines to the recent international locations which fought the Hundred Years warfare. The Oxford historical past of the Medieval global additionally examines such exciting cultural topics because the chivalric code of knights, renowned gala's, and the proliferation of latest artwork kinds, and the catastrophic social impression of the Black demise. Authoritative and eminently readable, this booklet will entertain up to it is going to teach.

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The Oxford History of Medieval Europe

Overlaying one thousand years of heritage, this quantity tells the tale of the production of Western civilization in Europe and the Mediterranean. Now to be had in a compact, less complicated layout, it deals an identical textual content and lots of of the illustrations which first seemed within the largely acclaimed Oxford Illustrated historical past of Medieval Europe.

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Time of the main severe of the revolts, Liudolf's, clean Magyar hosts burst upon the scene. King and rebels united by contrast probability and on the Lechfeld, close to Augsburg, won essentially the most decisive battles during heritage (955). THE OTTONIAN RULERS OF GERMANY I I KING HENRY I Oda (9 1 9-93 6 ) Ir------"--r-I----~I-------r-I---~I J EMPEROR OTTO I (936 973) -r- Archbp. Bruno of Cologne Lr_;t_~e__. ;r~~:ia Henry duke of Lotharingia Gerberga m. Giselbert (94 8-955) (9 28-939) du~3~f~:~lria I I I I Liutgart m. Conrad EMPEROR OTTO II Hadwig m. Burchard duke of Lotharingia (944-95 three) (973-983) duke of Swabia (95 four ~9 7 three ) Otto Otto duke of Swabia (973-9 eighty two ) duke of Bavaria (97 6-9 eighty two ) duke of Carinthia (97 8-9 eight three; 995- a hundred four) EMPEROR OTTO III EMPEROR HENRY II (983-1002) duke of Bavaria (995- 1002) Liudolf duke of Swabia (949-954) I I Hadwig count number Palatine in Lotharingia LO~~~~i~~ia I I I I Henry Henry Charles duke of Bavaria (95 5-9 7 6 ; nine eight five 995) duke of Lotharingia (94 zero -944) duke of Lotharingia (97 R-99 1 ) 1 I Godfrey I Beatrice m. Frederick duke of Lotharingia (959-97 eight ) Godfrey duke of Lotharingia (95 eight ? -9 sixty four) I Otto Dietrich duke of Lotharingia (99 1- a hundred five) duke of Lotharingia (987-1026) OTTO I EST A B LI SH ED hello S CONTRO LOVE R so much zero F THE GERMAN DUCHIE S throughout the marriages of his teenagers, nephews, and nieces. In time those hyperlinks turned too far-off to be of a lot political ad~antage but nonetheless too with regards to allow their being cemented by means of additional marriage. Lotharingia was once usually divided among dukes for this reason the big variety of incumbents. NORTH - - boundary of German country c. 962 SEA local boundary lands of German duchies major concentrations of the Ottonian lands NORTH MARCH ,. - / r f--' ,fo ~ -f) \. t archdiocese t diocese "\ " MORAVIA nation OF FRANCE / / ! COUNTY OF BURGUNDY \ ) ( / (' ; ( \_. r) ~ country //. ;1 r------/ ( "\ r OF .. r . . . . BURGUNDY) '\ / ,. - (/ . /. / o 50 a hundred I" I 50 km ===='===;:=1='=====-,'I I :=: (0 \ 50 a hundred miles \_- THE GERMAN country within the 10th CENTURY. The' lands of the Ottonians have been principally centred in Saxony, yet as every one duchy fell vacant it additionally proved attainable to get better the various crown lands, quite these in Swabia. Otto III and Henry II spent extra time in southern Germany than their predecessors. Otto's victory confirmed him because the top monarch of the day; instantly afterwards he used to be hailed as emperor, although his real coronation needed to watch for the benefit of the papacy. in the intervening time there has been absolute confidence of the disintegration of the dominion he had "forged. For the following centuries such disputes as arose over the succession involved the dominion as an entire and did 15 2 Northern Europe within the excessive heart a while no longer envisage its partibility, and the disputes which arose among kings and princes have been principally over questions of inheritance and of the respective royal and princely rights inside of their lands, now not over the primary of royal overlordship.

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