By Steve Perry, Stephani Perry

Vintage unique fiction set within the Alien global, featuring Earth Hive by Steve Perry, Nightmare Asylum by Steve Perry and The woman War by Steve Perry and Stephani Perry.

Earth Hive: 

Wilks was once an area marine with a near-fatal flaw:  he had a heart.  Billie was once a baby, the single survivor of a far-flung colony outpost.  Thrown jointly within the final hellish evening of an alien invasion, Billie and Wilks helped one another get out alive.  Thirteen years later Wilks is in felony, and Billie lives in a psychological establishment, the nightmare stories of the bloodbath at Rim seared into her mind.  Now the govt. has tapped Wilks to steer an day trip to the aliens' domestic planet to convey again a stay alien.  But the contest in the world to strengthen the extraterrestrial beings as a brand new guns method is brutal.  When Wilks's group departs on their project, a proficient murderer trails them.  And what follows isn't any below guerrilla battle at the aliens' planet--and alien conquest on Earth!

Nightmare Asylum:

Wilks, Billie, and Bueller have been the final survivors of a devastating attack at the aliens' domestic planet.  But as soon as their retum to the sun process made them refugees once again, fleeing Earth and its alien infestation in a determined try and remain alive.  Now, in an another way unmanned army delivery, they hurtle via space.  Destination: unknown.

Little do they be aware of that the shipment they bring with them is a legacy of loss of life that they're going to eventually need to face. Nor do they understand that they head towards a distant colony and army outpost.  This pocket of humanity on the very edges of house is on the mercy of a normal names Spears with an time table all his own.  Now Billie, Wilks, and Bueller face a brand new nightmare, and it truly is not anything they can ever have imagined: a present of insanity from an alien international, unbalanced brain, and the reviews of a mysterious pilot named Lieutenant Ellen Ripley.

The girl War:

Lieutenant Ellen Ripley woke up from her lengthy trip in area with a gap in her reminiscence and an overpowering force to survive.  When she meets Wilks and Billie, battered veterans within the battle opposed to the alienss she realizes she's chanced on comrades in arms--and she's able to soak up the fight.  Only then does she observe the devastating mystery that lurks at the back of her lengthy sleep.  When she, Wilks, and Billie arrange to fulfill the extraterrestrial beings head-on to show a strong alien queen opposed to her spawn in a conflict meant to save lots of Earth, that mystery turns into her maximum weapon--and her maximum liability.  As the destiny of Earth hangs within the stability, Ripley and Billie needs to come to phrases with what it capability to be an alien . . . and what it potential to be human.

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Bueller twisted, swung the carbine round. Slipped on a free piece of rock. Shifted, off stability, to his left. The carbine’s barrel dropped, only a hair, as he fired. Fired, and neglected. He attempted to right his objective, the object was once virtually on most sensible of him and he simply had to pointshoot, yet he used to be too sluggish. It crossed its palms, grabbed him, digging one steel-hard claw into his ribs, the opposite at the contrary part, just below his hip. Talons bit deep. The carbine flew from Bueller’s grip. He attempted to attract the slug pistol. “Mitch! ” Billie screamed from his com. The alien flexed muscle groups hidden lower than its exo-skeleton, cords jam-packed with strength a ranking of instances improved than a guy might deal with. Bueller felt the discomfort burn via his waist, a shattering bolt that short-circuited all his platforms, filling him, like a surprising plunge into molten aluminum. He controlled a scream, then felt the unendurable surprise as— because the factor tore him in part on the waist. Billie observed the components of Bueller fall. observed his hips and legs fly a technique, his top physique one other. Tumbling, and the white circulating fluid—not crimson blood, white, white! —spraying like a milky fountain into the air below the alien solar. 24 Wilks watched the alien rip Bueller aside. He yelled into the com. “Blake, get down! ” He slapped the fireplace controls for the robotic weapons knowledgeable at the mouth of the alien hive. He observed the perimeters of the doorway mild with tiny flashes because the 20mm expended uranium slugs chattered opposed to the partitions within. Having a particular objective, the robotic gun hosed it in bursts of twenty, S-shaped styles from most sensible to backside, preventing a meter or so wanting the floor. The gunfire chopped the alien into items, blowing the shattered elements again opposed to the hive like a swat from an incredible metal broom. the hearth computing device locked within the form of the alien and close the gun down, awaiting extra ambitions that seemed like him. Billie screamed. She used to be the viewer and it was once dialed up so she couldn’t leave out what Bueller was once. The ancillary nodes of his digestive method hung from his torso; white polymer circulating fluid oozed over every little thing. the place a human will be soaked with blood and painted vibrant purple, Bueller used to be soaking wet in milky froth. Tubules, shunts, circulatory traces, all splayed from the ruined android physique. Billie screamed back, a wordless cry. Wilks knew then she’d by no means suspected. “Billie! ” She saved yelling. He didn’t have time for this. Over her din, he yelled into the com. “Blake! stream it! remain low, you’re transparent to at least one meter basically! ” the pc brought on the robotic gun back. Wilks merely observed the extraterrestrial beings for a moment earlier than the issues have been punched again into the mound. Blake moved, however the opposite direction. She crawled again to the place Bueller lay, staying below the gun’s box of fireside. “Blake, goddammit! ” Billie screamed back. Wilks slid the regulate chair over a meter, reached out, slapped Billie’s face. Her scream stopped as though bring to a halt through a laser harvester. “He’s alive,” Blake acknowledged over the com. She hoisted the extraordinarily wounded android onto her again and crawled again to the place the crewman lay.

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