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7 I n transaction s among the branche s of alternative Florentin e societies in England th e books of the companies involved appea r frequently t o have constituted the onl y checklist of accounts and funds. eight I t ma y be of value i n thi s connexio n tha t whe n Despenser's accoun t wit h th e Peruzzi . 1 Thi s wa s the mos t usua l for m o f deposit wit h Italia n merchan t banker s (Renouard , Les kin, pp. 59-60). A n early instance of its use in England i n dealings with a typical type of depositor i s supplied by means of a letter compulsory of the Pulci and Rimbertini o f Florence for a deposit of 350 marks made a t Londo n on nine November a hundred thirty four by means of Nicholas d e Knovyle, recto r o f Maidstone. The relevan t claus e runs : 'solvenda s eidem domin o Nicho P vel suo certo attornat o ha s littera s deferenti London ' advert voluntatem et requisicionem eiusdem domini Nicholai vel sui certi attornati sine dilation e ulteriori' (E . 101/127/5 , no. 19) . 2 E . 101/127/20 , no. 7 . three Gal . Pat. Roll s 1307-13, p. eighty four ; Chancer y Miscellanea, C . 47/13/1, no. 25; okay. R. Excheque r money owed Variou s E . 101/127/5 , nos . 7 , 18 , 1 nine an d 2 2 ; Excheque r Miscellanea , E . 163/3/ 2 (includes 5 files scattered via a wide miscellaneous file); Exchequer okay. R. Inventories , E. 154/6/8 . four Chancer y Miscellanea , C . 47/13, nos. three and four ; Cal . shut Rolls 1323-7 , p. 607; Cal . Clos e Rolls 1327-30, pp. forty, 223, 368. Fo r the financial ruin of the society see additionally Y. Renouard, Recherches sur les Compagnies Commerciales et Bancaires utilises par les Papes d'Avignon avant le Grand Schisme (1 942), pp. 8-1 o. eight Th e creditor s of the Pulc i an d Rimbertin i comprise d th e Ear l o f Hereford, Lad y Isabell a d e Vescy and Sir man Ferre between magnates (Cal. Pat. Rolls 1307-13, p. eighty four, and C. 47/13/1, no. 25), Adam de Osgodby, a number one chancery clerk (ibid, and E. 101/127/5, no. 22), Nicholas de Knovyle, rector of Maidstone (E. 101/127/5, nos- J eight and 19 ) and following unknown individuals who can have been retailers: Godesman de Spalding (E . 101/127/5 , no- 7) > Hamund Cutin g of Coventry and Henry d e Guldefor d (E . 163/3/2) . declare s wer e als o mad e b y a William de l identification e (E . 163/3/2 ) and b y 'Auby n chaunberley n l e Roy ' who ha d deposite d variou s important s and othe r items (E. 154/6/8) . The English creditor s of the Scali indexed i n C. 47/13, no. three, integrated John de Charlton, possibly exact wit h the London service provider of that identify who used to be mayor of the staple below Edwar d I I (Tout, op . cit. pp . 22 6 ff,), Maste r Robert Lovel , Maste r Gilbert de l. a. Bruere, who was once a cano n of York (Cal. Pat . Roll s 1324-7 , p. forty) and Richar d d e Hamiselden . eight Th e significanc e of this can be mentioned through A. P. Usher, op . cit. , pp . 7 three ff. 7 E . 101/127/25 . eight Fo r tw o contemporar y instance s o f this practic e se e Cal. Clos e Roll s 1318-23 , p . sixty four 2 an d Cal. Pat. Rolls 1324-7, p. sixty eight. The files of lawsuits in those circumstances are in Chancery Miscellanea , C. 47/13/2. ailing 35 1 HUG H DESPENSER THE YOUNGER'S 1 is tested, the onl y access ther e concernin g a disbursement , whic h disregard s al l point out of an acquittance fro m the recipient of the money, refers to a check of £300 to the Bardi, who obtained it on behalf of the Earl of Norfolk whose bankers they most likely have been .

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