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Ectoderm b. endoderm c. mesoderm four. three Epithelial Tissue (p. seventy eight) three. Epithelial tissue a. covers unfastened physique surfaces. b. lacks blood vessels. c. composes quite a few glands. d. is anchored to connective tissue via a basement membrane. e. all the above. four. A tissue that covers a floor, is one mobilephone layer thick, and consists of flat cells is a. basic squamous epithelium. b. easy cuboidal epithelium. c. basic columnar epithelium. d. stratified squamous epithelium. e. transitional epithelium. five. Epithelium composed of 2 or extra layers of cells with purely the inner most layer in touch with the basement membrane is a. stratified epithelium. d. columnar epithelium. b. easy epithelium. e. cuboidal epithelium. c. pseudostratified epithelium. 6. easy squamous epithelium probably a. plays phagocytosis. b. is concerned with energetic shipping. c. secretes many advanced lipids and proteins. d. permits convinced ingredients to diffuse throughout it. 7. Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium are available lining the a. digestive tract. b. trachea. c. thyroid gland. d. kidney tubules. e. urinary bladder. eight. Which of those features don't describe nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium? a. many layers of cells d. present in the surface b. flat floor cells e. outer layers coated by way of fluid c. residing floor cells nine. In elements of the physique, comparable to the urinary bladder, the place significant growth happens, you may count on to find which sort of epithelium? a. cuboidal c. transitional e. columnar b. pseudostratified d. squamous 10. Epithelial cells with microvilli are probably to be stumbled on a. lining blood vessels. d. lining the small gut. b. lining the lungs. e. within the dermis. c. lining the uterine tube. eleven. one of those telephone connection whose simply functionality is to avoid the cells from coming aside is the a. desmosome. b. hole junction. c. tight junction. 12. Glands that gather secretions and unlock them purely while the person secretory cells rupture and die are referred to as glands. a. apocrine b. holocrine c. merocrine four. four Connective Tissue (p. 86) thirteen. The fibers in dense connective tissue are produced by means of a. fibroblasts. c. osteoblasts. e. macrophages. b. adipocytes. d. osteoclasts. 14. A tissue with a number of collagen fibers prepared parallel to one another could probably be present in a. a muscle. c. adipose tissue. e. cartilage. b. a tendon. d. a bone. 15. tremendous tender fibers that make up the framework for organs corresponding to the spleen and lymph nodes are a. elastic fibers. c. microvilli. e. collagen fibers. b. reticular fibers. d. cilia. sixteen. Which of those kinds of connective tissue has the least amount of extracellular matrix? a. adipose d. areolar tissue b. bone e. blood c. cartilage 17. Fibrocartilage is located a. within the cartilage of the trachea. b. within the rib cage. c. within the exterior ear. d. at the surfaces of bones in movable joints. e. among vertebrae. 18. A tissue during which cells can be found in lacunae surrounded through a troublesome matrix prepared as lamellae is a. hyaline cartilage. b. bone. c. apprehensive tissue. d. dense ordinary connective tissue. e. fibrocartilage. four. five muscular tissues (p. ninety three) 19. Which of those features follow to tender muscle?

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