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Barthes: A Very Short Introduction

Roland Barthes was once the top determine of French Structuralism, the theoretical flow of the Sixties which revolutionized the research of literature and tradition, in addition to background and psychoanalysis. yet Barthes used to be a guy who disliked orthodoxies. His moving positions and theoretical pursuits make him challenging to understand and verify.

Critical Theory: A Very Short Introduction

Severe conception emerged within the Nineteen Twenties from the paintings of the Frankfurt institution, the circle of German-Jewish teachers who sought to diagnose-and, if in any respect attainable, cure-the ills of society, relatively fascism and capitalism. during this booklet, Stephen Eric Bronner presents sketches of major representatives of the severe culture (such as George Lukács and Ernst Bloch, Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse and Jurgen Habermas) in addition to lots of its seminal texts and empirical investigations.

The Work of Mourning

Jacques Derrida is, within the phrases of the recent York occasions, "perhaps the world's most famed philosopher—if no longer the one recognized thinker. " He frequently provokes controversy once his identify is pointed out. yet he additionally conjures up the distinction that comes from an illustrious profession, and, between many that have been his colleagues and friends, he encouraged friendship.

The Melancholy Science: An Introduction to the Thought of Theodor W. Adorno (European Perspectives)

"The depression technological know-how" is Gillian Rose s research into TheodorAdorno s paintings and legacy. Rose uncovers the solidarity discernableamong the various fragments of Adorno s oeuvre, and argues that hisinfluence has been to show Marxism right into a look for type. The makes an attempt of Adorno, Lukacs and Benjamin to improve a Marxisttheory of tradition focused at the thought of reification are contrasted, and the ways that the idea that of reification has come to bemisused are uncovered.

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27. software brought up: Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas unique (1989, CBS, W. Orr and P. Reubens). 28. Given Bernhard's strikes among suggesting that males, then girls, are the items of her sexual curiosity — together with her playfully frustrating "girlfriend" posing with Madonna and her Playboy nude picture structure (39, no. nine, September 1992: 70— seventy seven) during which she poses with women and men — Bernhard's public personality will be noticeable as bisexual instead of as femme dyke. Pee-wee's soreness with Bernhard's flirtations within the scene stated right here, then, may be learn because the reaction of a homosexual con­ fronted with bisexuality. 29. D. A. Miller, "Anal Rope," Representations 32 (Fall 1990): 118-19. 30. between those kinds of articles and interviews released on the peak of the Pee-wee craze have been Ian Penman, "America's Sweetheart," The Face 87 (July 1987): 14-19, seventy five; Barry Walters, "Triumph of the Twerp," Village Voice (September 23, 1986): 43-44; Jack Barth, "Pee Wee TV," movie remark 22, no. 6 (November-De- 133 134 N O T E S T O P A G E S nine 2 - 1 zero 1 cember 1986): seventy nine; T. Gertler, "The Pee-Wee Perplex," Rolling Stone (February 12, 1987): three 7 ^ zero , a hundred, 102-3; Margy Rochlin, "Pee-wee Herman," Interview 17, no. 7 (July 1987): 45-50. 31. Henry Jenkins III, " 'Going Bonkers! ': childrens, Play and Pee-wee," digicam Obscura 17 (1988): 182. 32. The Penley article does a superb task of seriously studying the construction background of Pee-wee's Playhouse, creating a strong case for the unsleeping dangers the internet­ paintings took in "transforming a sexually risque paintings of functionality artwork [The Pee-wee Herman convey] right into a kid's tv application. " Penley is going directly to say that "what is brilliant is that CBS by no means puzzled or censored the show's presentation of intercourse­ uality, together with its transparent allusions to homosexuality" ("Dr. Pee-wee," 144-45). 33. Ibid. , 136. 34. My homosexual interpreting of the sexual connotations surrounding Pee-wee's bicycle is partially a reaction to Winning's interpretation of the motorcycle in traditional pop Freud dream-fantasy phrases as "a powerful phallic image" since it is "something that is speedy, purple, has a head, and most significantly, suits among his [Pee-wee's] legs" ("Pee Wee Herman Un-Mascs," 58). within the context of Winning's immediately examining of Peewee's personality, this is sensible, as does seeing the lack of the motorcycle as representing castration anxiousness. yet i might prefer to provide a queer—specifically a homosexual male — studying of this comparable bicycle and its symbolic sexual features in Pee-wee's global. up to whatever that "fits among his legs," the motorcycle is whatever Pee-wee sits on. In his travel de France dream, Pee-wee "is using erect," as successful notes, as he excitedly pedals his motorbike over the end line. instead of Pee-wee's personal misplaced penis or phallus, the motorcycle might signify that of one other guy. So Pee-wee's actions on his motorbike wouldn't merely signify masturbatory autoeroticism and castration, because the sexual excitement and loss right here should be attached to anal intercourse or dildo play and the lack of a intercourse associate or a intercourse toy.

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