By Timothy G. Stout

The strategy that is helped millions within the U.S. and Japan examine eastern successfully.

The jap language has simple writing structures, hiragana and katakana, as well as the one who makes use of chinese language characters or Kanji. this useful booklet teaches you a brand new mnemonics–based approach to learn and write the fundamental ninety two hiragana and katakana characters.

  • Memorable photo mnemonics assist you to benefit the characters by means of associating their shapes and sounds with combos of pictures and English phrases already accepted to you.
  • Clear examples and wonderful exercises provide possibilities to learn, write, use and perform all forty six simple hiragana and forty six easy katakana characters, plus the rest kana that stand for extra advanced sounds.
  • Polish your knowledge with be aware searches, crossword puzzles, fill–in–the–blanks, timed attractiveness quizzes, and different attention-grabbing activities.
  • The CD–ROM permits you to print out your personal flash playing cards (featuring a similar mnemonic pictures taught within the publication) that can assist you overview and perform, even while you are at the go.

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From the past due 19th century, Japan sought to include the Korean Peninsula into its increasing empire. Japan took regulate of Korea in 1910 and governed it until eventually the top of worldwide struggle II. in this colonial interval, Japan marketed as a countrywide objective the assimilation of Koreans into the japanese nation.

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Azerbaijan (a ze ru ba i ja n) 7. Macao (ma ka o) 21. India (i n do) 33. Georgia (gu ru ji a) eight. Philippines (fi ri pi n) 22. Sri Lanka (su ri ra n ka) 34. Turkey (to ru ko) nine. Vietnam (be to na mu) 23. Maldives (mo ru di vu) 35. Armenia (a ru me ni a) 10. Laos (ra o su) 24. Pakistan (pa ki su ta n) 36. Syria (shi ri a) eleven. Cambodia (ka n bo ji a) 25. Afghanistan (a fu ga ni su ta n) 37. Iraq (i ra ku) 12. Brunei (bu ru ne i) 26. Iran (i ra n) 38. Saudi Arabia (sa u ji a ra bi a) thirteen. Malaysia (ma re– shi a) 27. Tajikistan (ta ji ki su ta n) 39. Oman (o ma– n) 14. Singapore (shi n ga po– ru) 28. Kyrgyz (ki ru gi su) forty. Yemen (i e me n) 15. Indonesia (i n do ne shi a) 29. Kazakhstan (ka za fu su ta n) forty-one. UAE* (a ra bu shu cho– koku ren po–) 23 15 ᬍ ᧈ ‫ ׎‬ᡲ ᢰ * (United Arab Emirates, italic letters point out the kanji pronunciation. ) Jpn Hira&Kata for Beg. indd 183 1/24/11 5:00:02 PM 184 part SIX なまえ ______________ international Map: Europe 1. Iceland (a i su ra n do) 2. eire (a i ru ra n do) 29 27 sixteen 26 23 three. Albania (a ru ba ni a) eight forty four. Andorra (a n do ra) 21 2 forty-one 31 five five. England (i gi ri su) 10 32 6. Italy (i ta ri a) 22 15 four 7. Ukraine (u ku ra i na) 34 eight. Estonia (e su to ni a) 6 18 nine 19 thirteen 24 38 17 7 20 forty two forty four 28 33 39 25 forty three 12 forty five 6 37 three 30 35 eleven 6 nine. Austria (o– su to ri a) 14 10. Holland (o ra n da) 20. Czech Republic (che ko) 30. Bulgaria (bu ru ga ri a) 39. Moldova (mo ru do ba) eleven. Greece (gi ri sha) 21. Denmark (de n ma– ku) 31. Belarus (be ra ru– shi) forty. Latvia (ra to bi a) 12. Croatia (ku ro a chi a) 22. Germany (do i tsu) 32. Belgium (be ru gi i) forty-one. Lithuania (ri to a ni a) 23. Norway (no ru we–) 33. Poland (po– ra n do) forty two. Liechtenstein (ri hello te n shu ta i n) 24. Vatican urban (ba chi ka n) 34. Portugal (po ru to ga ru) thirteen. San Marino (sa n ma ri no) 14. Gibraltar (gi bu ra ru ta ru) 36 25. Hungary (ha n ga ri i) 15. Switzerland (su i su) sixteen. Sweden (su we– de n) forty three. Romania (ru– ma ni a) ࠊ‫׎‬ 26. Finland (fi n ra n do) 17. Spain (su pe i n) 27. Faroe Islands (fe ro– sho to–)* 18. Slovakia (su ro ba ki a) 28. France (fu ra n su) 19. Slovenia (su ro be ni a) 29. Russia (ro shi a) ᜂ޽ 35. Macedonia (ma ke do ni a) forty four. Luxembourg (ru ku se n bu ru ku) 36. Malta (ma ru ta) 37. Serbia and Montenegro (se ru bi a • mo n te ne gu ro) forty five. Bosnia and Herzegovina (bo su ni a • he ru tse pass bi na) • • 38. Monaco (mo na ko) * Italic letters point out the kanji pronunciation. Jpn Hira&Kata for Beg. indd 184 1/24/11 5:00:02 PM READING AND WRITING perform 185 なまえ ______________ international Map: North and South the USA 1. Greenland (gu ri i n ra n do) eight. Honduras (ho n ju ra su) 2. Canada (ka na da) nine. Nicaragua (ni ka ra gu a) 1 10. Costa Rica (ko su ta ri ka) three. United kingdom of the US (a me ri ka ga sshu– koku)* ӳ ᘌ ‫׎‬ 2 eleven. Panama (pa na ma) four. Mexico (me ki shi ko) three five. Guatemala (gu a te ma ra) 12 thirteen 6. Belize (be ri i zu) four 12. Bermuda Islands (ba myu– da) thirteen. The Bahamas (ba ha ma) 14 6 five 7.

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