By Seyed Behrooz Mostofi

This booklet is dedicated to the outline of the main time-honored classifications of the main widespread fractures in medical perform. This e-book might be very priceless firstly for the trauma citizens but additionally for more matured trauma surgeons. for every form of fracture one or numerous classifications are defined. All classifications are illustrated by way of a really transparent and easy drawing. This variation will comprise new classifications and classifications that experience won reputation within the final three years, leading to 25% new fabric.

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Sixteen. Classification of knee dislocations. fifty seven 58 FRACTURE CLASSIFICATIONS IN medical perform determine three. 17. Schatzker classification of tibial plateau fractures. (Reproduced with permission from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Schatzker J. McBroom R. Bruce D. The tibial plateau fracture: the Toronto event 1968–1975. Clin Orthop 1979;138:94–104. ) Tibial Plateau Fractures Schatzker Classification (Figure three. 17) kind variety variety style style style I: II: III: IV: V: VI: Lateral plateau, cut up fracture. Lateral plateau, cut up melancholy fracture. Lateral plateau, melancholy fracture. Medial plateau fracture. Bicondylar plateau fracture. Plateau fracture with metaphyseal-diaphyseal dissociation. three. PELVIS AND reduce LIMB fifty nine Tibial/Fibular Shaft Descriptive Classification ᭿ Open as opposed to closed ᭿ Anatomic situation: proximal, heart, or distal 3rd ᭿ Fragment quantity and place: comminution, butterfly fragments ᭿ Configuration: transverse, spiral, indirect ᭿ Angulation: varus/valgus, anterior/posterior ᭿ Shortening ᭿ Displacement: percent of cortical touch ᭿ Rotation ᭿ linked accidents Gustilo and Anderson Classification of All Open Fractures variety I ᭿ Wound below 1 cm lengthy ᭿ reasonably fresh puncture, the place spike of bone has pierced the outside ᭿ Little smooth tissue harm ᭿ No crushing ᭿ Fracture often easy transverse or indirect with little comminution sort II ᭿ Laceration greater than 1 cm lengthy ᭿ No broad tender tissue harm, flap or contusion ᭿ mild to reasonable crushing damage ᭿ reasonable comminution ᭿ average infection style III ᭿ broad harm to tender tissues ᭿ excessive measure of illness ᭿ Fracture because of excessive speed trauma IIIA: enough gentle tissue disguise IIIB: insufficient tender tissue disguise, an area or unfastened flap is needed IIIC: Any fracture with an arterial harm which calls for fix 60 FRACTURE CLASSIFICATIONS IN medical perform Pilon Fracture Ruedi-Allgower Classification (Figure three. 18) variety 1: No significant articular incongruity; cleavage fractures with out displacement of bony fragments. style 2: Significant articular incongruity with minimum impaction or comminution. sort three: Significant articular comminution with metaphyseal impaction. determine three. 18. Ruedi-Allgower classification of distal tibial (pilon) fractures. (Adapted from Muller ME, Narzarian S, Koch P, et al. guide of inner fixation, 2d ed. long island, Springer-Verlag, 1979:279. Reproduced with type permission of Springer technological know-how, enterprise & Media. ) 3. PELVIS AND reduce LIMB sixty one determine three. 19. Lauge-Hansen classification of supination-adduction of the ankle. ANKLE Lauge-Hansen Classification (Figure three. 19) 4 styles, in keeping with “pure” harm sequences, every one subdivided into levels of accelerating severity. ᭿ according to cadaveric reviews. ᭿ styles would possibly not regularly reflect scientific truth. ᭿ approach takes into consideration the placement of the foot on the time of damage and the path of the deforming strength. Supination-Adduction (SA) degree I: Transverse avulsion-type fracture of the fibula distal to the extent of the joint or a rupture of the lateral collateral ligaments.

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