Peter. Pecker. Wiener. Dick. Schlong. Penis. no matter what we decide to name it, the penis is greater than only a physique half. This A-to-Z encyclopedia explores the cultural meanings, interpretations, and actions linked to the penis over the centuries and throughout cultures.

Scholars, activists, researchers and clinicians delve into the penis in antiquity, in paintings, in faith, in politics, in media, in tune, and within the cultural mind's eye. They research the penis as an issue, a fetishized commodity, a weapon, an item of play. Penile décor and fashions—from piercings to koteka—are handled with equivalent dignity. rationalization of universal clinical phrases and not-so-common subcultural practices upload to the extensive scope of the publication. Taken jointly, the Cultural Encyclopedia of the Penis offers fresh, considerate, and wide-ranging perception into this malleable, significant physique part.

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Whereas the winner wouldn't get the biscuit, he may might be have loved the contest extra. See additionally Circle Jerk; Locker Rooms; Male Bonding extra interpreting Anderson, Eric. Inclusive Masculinity: The altering Nature of Masculinities. London: Routledge, 2009. Anderson, Eric, Mark McCormack, and Harry Lee. Male workforce game Hazing Initiations in a tradition of reducing Homohysteria. magazine of Adolescent examine 27, no. four (2011): 427–48. ■ERIC ANDERSON ORGASM The complexity of the male orgasm contributes to the trouble of an actual definition. such a lot describe a end result of sexual arousal in addition to a enjoyable unlock that's linked to a variety of physiological and mental features. in a single largely authorized conceptualization of male sexual reaction, particularly, the three-stage version built via intercourse researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the orgasm section happens following the need and arousal levels. As such, orgasm is usually visible because the occasion that marks the transition among expanding and lowering arousal, and is by way of a refractory interval in which extra arousal is not any longer attainable. The perceived wellbeing and fitness merits of orgasm have diversified over the years and tradition. In smooth Western tradition, male orgasm is frequently noticeable because the aim and marker of sex termination. the traditional Greeks observed orgasm as a fit a part of the humoral method, whereas the Victorians observed spilling of semen outdoor of the vagina, often referred to as onanism, as harmful to power. within the Indian conceptualization of the Dhat syndrome, the lack of semen is assumed to reason indicators just like melancholy and anxiousness. within the perform of Tantric intercourse, orgasm is seen as a disadvantage to raised sexual stories. Physiologically, orgasm operates through the autonomic anxious process and is followed by means of rhythmic contractions of the pelvic flooring muscle tissues, elevated center cost and blood strain, and stereotyped hobbies. even if ejaculation of semen is usually linked to orgasm, the 2 shouldn't have to co-occur. certainly, many males adventure “dry” orgasms, in particular after prostate surgical procedure and with older age. Conversely, a small minority of fellows can also adventure ejaculation with out the feeling of orgasm. so much males understand orgasm as hugely fulfilling, and price orgasms with a associate as extra stress-free than masturbatory orgasms. as a result of reproductive significance of ejaculation, it's most probably that orgasm has advanced as fascinating to make this crucial reproductive task profitable. certainly, orgasm at a principal worried procedure point seems to be to paintings not less than partly throughout the dopaminergic approach, that is often linked to present. contemplating the excitement of male orgasm, its value for replica, and its position within the sexual reaction cycle, issues of orgasm may be very distressing. problems with male orgasm commonly problem untimely ejaculation, which assumes the co-occurrence of ejaculation or orgasm, or issues of behind schedule or absent orgasm.

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