By Gregory of Nazianzus

The autobiographical poems of Gregory of Nazianzus, fourth-century Father of the Greek Church, are extraordinary not just for a hugely person photo of the Byzantine global but additionally for moments which are intimate, passionate and relocating. This booklet comprises Greek textual content and dealing with English translation of a range from his 100 or so surviving poems.

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It had by no means happened to me to want something to the topics i used to be learning, yet I did endure a typical event of hot-blooded formative years whilst one is all too simply swayed by way of undisciplined forces, like a mettlesome colt galloping over the racecourse. For thoroughly outdoors the season,8 while the ocean used to be not calm (those who're specialists in those issues converse of a perilous tail of Taurus,9 whilst to sail is rash, now not sensible), at that second I left Alexandria (I had long past there to cull a couple of culmination of studying) 7 Gregory is right here pertaining to pagan Greek literature and its relation to Christian writing. eight For an account of this storm-tossed crossing, see additionally Poem II. 1. 1. 308ff. and Oration 18. 31. nine Gregory seems to be concerning the fall emerging of the constellation Pleiades which shaped the tail of Taurus: its emerging marked the start of the stormy wintry weather season. For extra dialogue, see Jungck's variation of De Vita Sua, p. 157. 20 T7EPI TON EAYTOY BION one hundred thirty ocpas ETEJJIVOV TTOVTOV EU0U5 'EAAdSos. KuTrpou T a TrAEupd* Kai cn-dais TGOV 7rv£U|iaTcov E^pa^E TT]V vauv Kai TCX TrdvT* f)v vu£ (iia* yf\, TTOVTOS, aiOfip, o u p a v o s £O9OO|JEVOS' (3povTai five* ETrfjxouv doTpaTTcov Tivdyiaacjiv, one hundred thirty five KaAoi 6' Epox^ouv iaTicov TrAripoupiEvcov. EKAIVEV iaTos, oiaKcov five' OU6EV a0Evos* y a p f)p7rd£ovTo X £l P°S auxsvES. 6 s UTTEpTOixouvTos 05aTOS (3of) 5ECTU[i|jiiyf|sTE Kai 6pf|vcov TTAECOS one hundred forty VaUTCOV, KEAEUaTCOV, SsaTTOTCbv, XpiaTOV KaAouvTcov EK piiocs Kai TCOV, o a o i TO irpoaSEV f]yvoouv 6 E 6 V 6 y a p 9o(3os 6i5ay|jia KaipicoTEpov. 6 five' fjv aTrdvTcov a x 6 T ^ l c ^ T zero C T O V KaKcov, a hundred forty five avuSpos f] vaus* EO9U y a p aTpo(3ou|JiEvr|S VECOS p a y s l a a CTTTEIPET' EV (3U6CO f\ TOV yAuKuv zero r | a a u p 6 v EI Ai|jioO eight' dycov rjv Kai ^dAris Kai vEKpous ysvEaQai. TOOSE IJLEV Auaiv 0E6S one hundred fifty ETSEV TaxEiav. EjjTropoi y a p CDOIVIKTIS 0C9VCO 9av£VT£S, KaiTTEp OVTES EV 96^00, AiTaTs na06vT£S TOCTTEVOVTOU KIV8UVOU ; KOVTCOV EpEiaiaoTs Kai x e P ^ v d p d y i a a T a VECOV 9uy6vT£s (Kai y a p fjaav EUCT0EVEIS) a hundred and fifty five aob^ouaiv r\[xas TTOVTIOUS f|8r) VEKpous, f| AajiTrdSa 0vr|aKouaav OUK l O eight* fiypiouTO Kai TTAEOV TTOVTOS Ka0' f)|jicov fjjjiEpais EV TTAEIOCJIV 1 a hundred and forty £7TI|36CTCOV: sic PG - "fs Concerning his personal lifestyles 21 a hundred thirty and atmosphere sail I held path immediately for Greece. alongside the coast of Cyprus the winds' rebellion threw our send into confusion; all grew to become one darkness: earth, sea, air and blackened sky. Claps of thunder resounded, observed by means of lightning flashes a hundred thirty five and the ropes which tied the billowing sails creaked loudly. The mast leaned over, the rudders have been powerless, for the tillers have been violently wrenched from one's fingers. The hull used to be filled with water washing over the send. Shouts mingled with weeping have been heard a hundred and forty from sailors, helmsman, officials and passengers10 alike all calling on Christ with one accord, even those that were agnostics hitherto: for worry presents an opportune lesson. Of all our misfortunes the main poor a hundred forty five was once that the send was once with no water, for while it all started to pitch, the barrel containing the candy treasure of water broke open and was once scattered over the deep.

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