By Philip Yungkin Lee

This is a useful learn advisor for studying uncomplicated chinese language characters.

250 crucial chinese language Characters quantity 1 is a moment variation, thoroughly revised and with 50 percentage new fabric. that includes a brand new layout; counsel for mastery all through; workouts in AP-exam layout; revolutionary assessment sections; and several other indices, this quantity is a vital studying device for somebody drawn to the chinese and a good way to benefit chinese language characters.

  • grasp each one character's radical, stroke count number and meaning.
  • develop in talent by means of studying compound words.
  • instance sentences express tips on how to use them in context.
  • overview actions make stronger your leaning progress.
  • important writing publications and perform grids for each character.

After learning this booklet including its spouse, 250 crucial chinese language Characters, quantity 2, you will have discovered 500 of crucial characters in chinese language, and millions of phrases during which they seem. no matter if you are new to chinese language or coming again for assessment, every one of those 250 characters provides you with how one can enhance your skills to learn chinese language and write chinese language.

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1 dàoli 道理 ninety seven. three dàolù 道路 ninety seven. 2 dàoqiàn 道歉 ninety seven. four dàoyì 道义 ninety seven. five de 的 20. 1 Déguó 德国 sixty one. three dì 地 193. 1 dìdao 地道 193. five dìfang 地方 193. 2 dìtú 地图 193. three dìxià 地下 193. four dì 弟 fifty two. 1 dìdi 弟弟 fifty two. 2 dìxí 弟媳 fifty two. four dìxiōng 弟兄 fifty two. three dìyī 第一 1. five diǎn 点 218. 1 diǎncài 点菜 218. four diǎntóu 点头 218. five diǎnzhōng 点钟 217. 2 diàn 电 112. 1 diànhu 电话 112. five diànnǎo 电脑 112. four diànshì 电视 112. 3/113. 1 diànyǐng 电影 112. 2 diànyǐngyuàn 电影院 187. five diàn 店 189. 1 diànyuán 店员 189. five dōng 东 205. 1 dōngběi 东北 203. three dōngbian 东边 205. 2 Dōngnányà 东南亚 205. three dōngxi 东西 205. four dōng 冬 132. 1 dōnggū 冬菇 132. four dōngjì 冬季 132. three dōngtiān 冬天 132. 2 dōngzhuāng 冬装 132. five dòngwùyuán 动物园 192. five dōu/dū 都 202. 1 dūshì 都市 202. 2 dúyī-wú’èr 独一无二 2. five duǎnkù 短裤 154. 2 duì 对 sixty nine. 1 duìbuqǐ 对不起 sixty nine. three duìmiàn 对面 sixty nine. 2 duìshǒu 对手 sixty nine. four duìyú 对于 sixty nine. five duō 多 39. 1 duōbàn 多半 39. three duō jiǔ 多久 220. 2 duōme 多么 25. 4/39. five duōshao 多少 39. 2/40. four duōshù 多数 39. four duōxiè 多谢 seventy one. three E ér 儿 fifty eight. 1 érgē 儿歌 fifty eight. four érnǚ 儿女 fifty eight. three értóng 儿童 fifty eight. five érzi 儿子 fifty eight. 2 ér 而 243. zero érhòu 而后 243. three érqiě 而且 243. 1/244. 2 éryǐ 而已 243. 2 èr 二 2. 1 èrděng 二等 2. four èrgē 二哥 2. 2/50. four èrjiě 二姐 fifty one. four Èryuè 二月 2. three F fàn 饭 112. 1 fàncài 饭菜 112. 2 fàndiàn 饭店 112. four fànguǎnr 饭馆儿 112. three fāng 方 194. 1 fāngbiàn 方便 168. 2/194. 2 fāngfǎ 方法 194. four fāngkuàizì 方块字 163. five fāngmiàn 方面 194. five fāngxiàng 方向 194. five fángdōng 房东 205. five fēn 分 166. 1 fēnbiàn 分辨 166. four fēnbié 分别 166. three fēnzhōng 分钟 166. 2 fēng 风 148. 1 fēngkǒu 风口 148. 2 fēngqù 风趣 148. three fēngsú 风俗 148. four fēngwèi 风味 148. five fú 服 153. 1 fúcóng 服从 153. 2 fúruǎn 服软 153. three fúwù 服务 153. four fēnzhuāng 服装 157. 1 fúzhuāngdiàn 服装店 153. 5/189. four fù 父 seventy six. 1 fùmǔ 父母 seventy six. 3/77. three fùqin 父亲 seventy six. 2/78. three fù 复 118. zero fùxí 复习 118. 1 fùxin 复信 118. 2 fùyin 复印 118. three fùyuán 复原 118. five fùzá 复杂 118. 2 fùnǚ 妇女 88. five G gǎnxiè 感谢 seventy one. four gàn ma? 干吗? 26. four ge 哥 50. 1 gege 哥哥 50. 2 germen 哥儿们 17. 5/50. five gèbié 个别 37. five gègè 个个 37. three gèrén 个人 37. four ge 个 37. 1 gong 工 eighty. 1 gōngchǎng 工厂 eighty. five gōngyè 工业 eighty. four gōngzī 工资 eighty. three gōngzuò 工作 eighty. 2 gong 公 191. 1 gōnggòng 公共 191. 2 gōngjīn 公斤 191. four gōnglǐ 公里 191. three gōngshēng 公升 191. four gōngyuán 公园 192. 2 Gōngyuán 公元 162. four Gōngyuánqián 公元前 162. five gǒu 狗 ninety. 1 gǒupì 狗屁 ninety. five gǒuxióng 狗熊 ninety. four gūmā 姑妈 forty nine. five gùkè 顾客 seventy two. five gua 刮 147. 1 guāliǎn 刮脸 147. three guāliǎndāo 刮脸刀 147. four guā mù xiāng kàn 刮目相看 147. five guāpò 刮破 147. 2 guǎn 馆 198. 1 guì 贵 one hundred seventy. 1 guìbīn 贵宾 197. three guìguó 贵国 one hundred seventy. three guìxìng 贵姓 one hundred seventy. 2 guó 国 sixty one. 1 guójì 国际 sixty one. five guójiā 国家 sixty one. 2 guóqìng 国庆 sixty one. four H hái 还 246. 1 háishi 还是 19. 4/246. three hái yǒu 还有 246. 2 hái 孩 86. 1 háizi 孩子 87. 2 háizihuà 孩子话 86. five háiziqì 孩子气 86. four hǎibian 海边 214. five Hàn 汉 a hundred and one. 1 Hànxué 汉学 one zero one. five Hànyǔ 汉语 one zero one. 2 Hànzì 汉字 28. 5/101. three Hànzú 汉族 a hundred and one. four hángyè 行业 2 hundred. three hǎo 好 31. 1 hǎo ma? 好吗? 26. 1 hǎobàn 好办 31. 2 hǎochī 好吃 31. three hǎochù 好处 31. four hǎohē 好喝 234. five hǎokàn 好看 31. five hǎoxiàng shì ... ba 好像是... 吧 248. four hē 喝 234. 1 hēchá 喝茶 234. three hēzuì 喝醉 234. four hē mòshuǐ 喝墨水 234. 2 hé 和 forty four. 1 héhǎo 和好 forty four. 2 hémù 和睦 forty four. four hépíng 和平 forty four. three héqì 和气 forty four. five héyǐng 合影 114. 1 hěn 很 30. 1 hěnduō 很多 30.

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